Thursday, March 20, 2008

Parker's Annual Egg Hunt

Wes was so excited for his first Easter egg hunt!

Parker College of Chiropractic holds an annual Easter luncheon and egg hunt. We were really excited this year since Wes was old enough to participate. We even held a practice hunt at home over the weekend and Wes loved finding all the eggs. We helped Wes find his first egg and he was so excited and happy to have this one egg that we weren't fast enough to find anymore. He loved his egg so much that he wouldn't let go of it, or the 2 little pieces of candy that were inside, until he had to for his nap. We were so lucky to have Wes' buddies Aeson and Paige there with us. It was such a gorgeous day!

Friday, March 7, 2008


So, Texas weather again. After our first snow storm on Monday cleared up the temperatures got back up and I even took Wes to the park on Wednesday (in short sleeves, by the way), but it froze again and by 10 am Thursday morning we saw snow. It snowed pretty much all day. Adam's school got canceled in the afternoon, so we had a lot of fun. Wes loved it, although he wouldn't touch it with his hands. He mostly loved walking in it and watching the huge snow flakes fall. I was just thinking how this experience puts a nice touch on our memories of these past 3 1/2 years here in Texas. Even though it's been a long 3 1/2 years, I will always look back with the fondest of memories.

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Adam got to celebrate his birthday with a snow day. He was supposed to have his last day of Rad. Rotation (which is a 10 hour day), but because of the snow it got canceled. Yeah!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silly Wesley

Wishing and Hoping

Wes loves to stare out the windows now that he's tall enough to see. I know he's just wishing that he could be out there rather than in here. He loves to be going and isn't afraid to show his enthusiasm when it's time to go "bye bye".

One Just Isn't Enough

Texas Weather

I heard once that if you don't like the Texas weather just wait 30 minutes. The past 3 years that we've been here has proven this to be true. Sunday Wes and I were wearing shorts, but by Monday night there was snow sticking to the ground!! We couldn't believe it. And of course that's the night our heater decides to stop working. Adam braved the storm to go to the local Target and save us with some space heaters for the night. Gotta love it!!