Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yes, I believe I will miss Texas!

I decided I needed to write down all of the things that I will miss about Texas. I'm so ready to be back in California, but Texas will always have a place in my heart and here are just a few reasons why...

1. Friends. We have made some friendships here that will hopefully continue on for a long, long time (thank you blogs!)
2. Parks. We are going to miss the great parks that we have found here. Our favorites are, of course, Andy Brown and Duck Pond Park (gonna miss those turtles that eat our bread in the mornings). And the recently discovered nature park in Coppell off of Bethel--perfect spot for pictures, but watch out for the red ants! :)
3. Grapevine Mills Mall. Especially The Children's Place--can't beat those prices!
4. Fort Worth Zoo. It is by far the best zoo I have ever been to.
5. Coppell. In general I am going to miss the Coppell area. We love all of the beautiful neighborhoods and gorgeous houses around here. When the weather was nice we went for many walks all over the neighborhoods around Bethel School and we'll definitely miss the peacefulness that can be found in this area. We also love that we can drive 10 minutes north or south and find all the shopping that we'll ever need.
6. Inanna Birth Center. I delivered Wes at the Birth Center in Denton and I was really hoping to have at least 1 more baby up there. I had such an awesome experience and am incredibly scared that I won't have the same experience with my following children. (If anybody knows of a great midwife in the Sacramento area please let me know!)
7. Saltgrass Steakhouse. They have the best ribs!

There are probably a hundred more things I could list, but for your sake I will stop here. For the past 3 1/2 years I have found ways of complaining about Texas, but in all reality I will miss you Texas! I'll always have great memories from "Deep in the Heart of Texas"! :)

Pictures were taken at Andy Brown Park.

Photo Shoots

Here's baby Paige. She was a great guinea pig. I heard that it really helps to have a good model to take good pictures and Paige was perfect!

I was really proud of the pictures below. Chris and Ashley were awesome and I'm so glad these turned out so well for them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Parker's Mormon Mafia

Last night we got together with Parker College's Mormon Mafia, class of 2008! It was a lot of fun to visit with everyone and very exciting to talk about what everyone will be doing after graduation. We will miss you all--keeping in touch is a must! Good luck everyone!

Budding Photographer

Adam and I purchased a new camera today and I couldn't wait to try it out. Wes, of course, was the perfect model for me. Hopefully I can continue to work on my skills and eventually become a true photographer. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon. I have my first shoot coming up tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Leaving A Piece of Our Legacy

This is the Coppell, Texas Family Home Evening Group that we were so lucky to be apart of from 2006-2008. When we started there were 2 additional couples than the 1st picture below, but it slowly dwindled down to the 3 couples (The Goodman's, Us and The Woodside's). We became such a close knit family that I know will last forever and I am so grateful for these wonderful people that have truly blessed our lives.

In recent times we have added 2 more couples (The Shaffer's and The Thatcher's). These are some amazing people as well and I know that they will pass on the traditions of our "forefathers". Hopefully this FHE Group will continue to be in place for those that will follow us that they might also have a family to turn to when theirs is so far away.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Made It--Dr. Adam

We had to get a last picture of Adam in his clinic coat. Now he can move on to bigger and better things. Wes and I are so excited for him. Adam has graduation this coming Saturday and then he starts board reviews, how fun! We are moving the 28th of May and are so grateful that Adam's Dad will be coming out to help us. We're just amazed how much stuff we have accumulated in the last 3 years. We are a little sad to be leaving some of the memories that we've made here, but also glad to be closer to our families. We have really missed them. It will be great for Wesley to have his grandparents around (I want to say again, but he never has had the luxury since he was born here in Texas). But what a great journey it has been!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Graduation Announcement

It really irks me that we are thousands of dollars in debt so that Adam can go to school and now that it's time to graduate "they" want us to add to that debt so that we can celebrate this supposed happy time. Haven't we given "them" enough money? Can't "they" give back a little? So here is our, as Adam put it, ghetto announcement photo. I guess we could have taken our own picture, but I really liked this one. I thought it made him look professional, like Dr. Adam Atkinson. But the silly, little text box (thank you photoshop) was the only way I could cover up the proof #. Although I was frustrated about not being able to make the awesome announcements I had in mind, I am so ecstatic that our day is finally here! I can't believe we, I guess I should say, Adam has made it!!! Congratulations honey! I am so proud of you!! Now on to our next adventure! :)