Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Update and a Turning Point

It's been awhile since I've had a real post, but I wanted to finally document what has been going on since we found out about baby #2. This will be one of those posts that Adam hates (mostly words, not as many pictures), so if you hate that kind of blog post as well, feel free to move on to another, more picture exciting, blog, because I'm doing this for me, not you. I know that sentence has way too many commas, but I'm too exhausted to worry about fixing it!
Anywho, here's the happs:
Found out about baby #2--wahoo--so excited!Started feeling sick!
Started feeling sicker!
Started feeling sickest!
Found out there's a name for this awful sickness I get with every pregnancy. Hypermesis gravidarum. Click if you want to know more. I am one of the 2% of women that get this extreme morning all day sickness and of those 2% this time I am the 1% that needs IV re-hydration.
So we go to the hospital--I get my first IV.
I feel better for a few days, but then it almost starts all over again.
I don't have to go to the hospital again, but I feel sick!
Start to feel better, then sick!
Then I have my first appointment at the only freestanding birth center in the Sacramento area. I have been so nervous that I wouldn't like this birth center or the midwife that practices there, but I believe, and hopefully am not jinxing myself, but this might have been my turning point. I love The Birth Center and I have been so excited thinking about delivering there! We didn't get to hear the heartbeat yet. The appointment was just a consult, but I still finally felt like this was happening! I have a baby growing inside me! Oh my, oh my! Bursting heart with so much love for this tiny grape!
Wesley has been the greatest throughout all this. He hasn't once complained about all the TV he's had to watch! Notice the hint of sarcasm! He's brought me my throw up bucket! At random times when I don't really need it. But the sweetest of all is every prayer when he asks to "please bless the new baby and bless Mommy that she will feel better." And last night he said, "thank you that the new baby will be here soon." Poor guy doesn't realize how long he really has to wait, but he is so excited to be a big brother! He likes to see my belly and tell me how big it's getting and just the other day he started talking to the baby! I love this kid!
I have felt so much outpouring of love between my Mom getting me Quizno's anytime I want, Adam taking care of the house work when I can't, and wonderful friends that bring our family dinner! We are so blessed!!
And to quote one of my favorite bloggers, "I can do hard things!"