Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally...The Arrival of Little Miss

Okay, so Megan is 2 months and a couple of days old, I figured it's about time I got on here and posted her birth story. Poor thing--already experiencing 2nd child syndrome. I haven't yet due to time and I really wanted to do this right. I feel like the birth story tells a lot about the child, and what we went through with Megan just describes her to a T. Even my midwife figured this birth would go as quickly as Wesley's. She said she wanted me on her doorstep the minute I thought I was in labor. The day I had him I had my shower and then a the ward chili cook-off--there's no way I would have thought I was having him. And then he appeared in less than 4 hours. Megan was determined to let me know that she isn't anything like Wesley. She has her own personality, her own will, and that's just the way it's going to be. So here it is...
Thursday, August 26th I went into the midwife. The week prior I had only been dilated to a 1. I was determined to not rush this and I hadn't really felt a whole lot going on, but my midwife was curious, so she checked me. I was a little bit effaced and now dilated to a 2. Progress, but not much, okay, that's fine. But before I left I was really starting to feel some contractions and getting very uncomfortable. This continued all of Friday as well. I just didn't feel right and kept having tons of braxton hicks. I was starting to get exhausted by Friday afternoon. Saturday morning, August 28th, came along and still more contractions. It was about 9 am and I was due for work at 12, but I didn't think I would make it. Adam was helping someone move and I was having stronger contractions coming about every 5 minutes. When he came home I called my work and let them know I wouldn't be coming in. The contractions continued like this for a few hours. Adam turned on Father of the Bride Part II (one of my favorites) and I started to work on a craft to keep me distracted. I even went so far as posting on the blog to help distract me (remember that "great deal" post! That was a good one!). We went on lots of walks around our apartment building and even made the most amazing hot fudge sundae. I thought this was never really going to happen. I was really getting exhausted. Contractions had turned into every 2-3 minutes, but they weren't getting any stronger. We finally called the midwife at about 3 in the afternoon and asked her what we should be looking for. I expected my water to break like it did with Wes, so I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. She told us to have me get in the tub and see if the contractions would get stronger, if not, the bath would maybe relieve them a little bit. I stayed in for about 30 minutes with no changes. I got bored, so I got out and then they got stronger... and stronger... and stronger. We met with the midwife at about 5 pm, she checked me, but I was only dilated at a 4, WHAT, A 4!!! I was so upset. I thought for sure I would be way more further along with all this work, but no. This girl wanted to show me! So more walking, more contractions, more waiting, more contractions. At about 8 pm my midwife checked me again. This time I was 6-7. I could only think, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! THAT'S IT!!!" She suggested I lay on my right side. My cervix was still mostly intact on my right and she thought laying on my side could help with that. I laid down for about an hour, even though it was so excruciating. She checked me again at about 10:30 and I was finally at an 8. She offered to break my water to get things moving. I gave in and she broke my water. Wow! I thought the contractions were intense before... Then it was time to get her out. Doing this after hours and hours of labor--not a good mix! It was so tough (that's truly an understatement). This time around I wondered why I do this without an epidural. I thought it was supposed to be easier the 2nd time around. Again, that's just Miss Megan letting us know that she has her own time table and we can't ever forget that! We finally got to meet our Little Miss at 11:26pm! Our sweet little girl came and all those hours of labor and hard work were forgotten for a few sweet moments as I looked into my daughters eyes and knew she was just perfect! We love you Little Miss!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy

He was kind of a wrinkly little guy, I realized.

Of course, this song just had to be playing on my way home from dropping Wes off at preschool today. And of course, the tears started to flow. He is growing up way too fast! Happy birthday Wesley!! We love you!

To start out the morning he got to open one gift:To keep him busy while I made his favorite breakfast: Ball Pancakes (Aebelskivers)
Then we made his treats for his preschool class:
About a month ago Wes found these in a recipe book and has been begging for them. We decided it'd be the perfect birthday treat for his class. We finally made them this morning. He tried one and come to find out--he doesn't like them! That is so Wesley! :)