Monday, February 16, 2009

A Family Reunion

We had a ton of fun on our road trip to Arizona. It was a very long drive, but so worth it to meet this little guy...
Jaran Woodside.

We started our trip in Gilbert, Arizona. Where we stayed with Adam's Aunt and Uncle. Then we headed up to Snowflake/Taylor, Arizona. We stayed at Justin and Kiri's for 3 nights and then trekked back home in the snow for another 13 hours. Wesley did so great on the long drive--we were really proud of him. We had a lot of fun being with the Goodman's and the Woodside's again. And it was really interesting experiencing small town living. I don't believe I could ever live more than 10 minutes from a Target! That's just craziness! We ate some very yummy food (thanks Kiri & Justin!), watched movies, and just caught up on a lot of chatting! :) We can't wait to see you all next year guys! Love ya lots!!
Wesley's showing you the snow! Taylor had a crazy snow storm the day we had to leave.
Best Buds!!

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Abbie said...

Fun! we miss all of you! I can't believe how big Paige is.