Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh My Goodness...

Craziness is all I can think of when I think of this past month!
It started out with this...and a little bit of this...Adam had a seminar in Redondo Beach, CA, so Wes and I joined him. We had a really great weekend thanks to my brother and his family for letting us stay with them in Corona! Wesley had a blast with his cousins, especially Elias--they are best buds now! We also stopped in Downtown Disney where we ate at Rainforest Cafe and let Wesley pick out one thing at the Disney store since he was so sad he couldn't go inside Disneyland and see Mickey Mouse.

We also did some of this...thanks to our new apartment pool! Yay for cool pools in the hot summer!!

Unfortunately my Grandma Smith passed away on the 23rd, so Wesley and I made a trip to Utah for the funeral. We love you Grandma and you will be missed, but we are so glad you are back with Grandpa and "Together Again"!While we were there though we got to visit with lots of these...

and see cousins oh so gorgeous wedding!
We are so grateful for family!! What would we do without them?!Adam's office was busy--our August special was a hit! So between that and my normal 3+ jobs and all the other goings on it's been just crazy! But a very good crazy!! :)
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the month! Visit us next time for another grand adventure!!


Crystal Dever said...

Looks like a whole lotta summer fun! McKay has the exact same swimming floaty thing... Love the digital scrapbook pages! We seriously need to get together.

Cody, Holly and Analise said...

Okay that was so cute! I need to do more cute stuff! We need to scrapbook women! CALL ME!!!