Friday, October 2, 2009

Relief Society

So, I just went to the best Relief Society activity ever! I know I have a lot of friends that are always looking for ideas for RS activities and I really enjoyed this one. It was perfect for those of us that don't have much time at home with our families, but would still like to get to know the sisters in the ward. It started at 6:30pm and ended at 7:00pm, or you could have gone from 7:15pm to 7:45pm. I was still able to make it home in time to read stories and sing songs with Wes--which I haven't done for the past 2 nights due to working so much. I was able to get to know a few more ladies in our ward and even bring home these...So cute!!


Cadle Clan said...

Those cookies were so good! I have to admit I ate mine before I could take a was great talking with you!

Chris and Lisa said...

These look yummy!!!

Oh...and BTW...I love your playlist. I usually hate people's music on their blogs but I have to admit that I have been happily listening to your blog music. Guess we have similar taste!!