Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Summer So Far...

The Packer Family Reunion:We went to San Francisco where we did all the touristy things...
Here we all are at Bubba Gumps (all 21 of us!)

It was a little coldThe California Academy of Sciences
This would be our wonderful family photo we only get every 2 years if I wouldn't have made the dumbest mistake ever and deleted it, but we're just not going to talk about it!What do you do when you're out of Ragu? Make your very own--completely from scratch (except for the canned tomatoes)--spaghetti sauce. I've never attempted this before, so I must say I am pretty proud of myself and I think Ragu's spaghetti sauce will be disappearing from our pantry from now on!
Just another day at the pool--we're working on making those floaties disappear, too, thanks to Grandma taking Wes to swim lessons.
Love her swim suit!

Santa Cruz Camping:
New Brighton Beach is highly recommended!
That's Wesley's and Daddy's masterpiece in the foreground. Complete with feather and all.We had to try out the infamous Pizza My Heart

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk log ride:Notice he starts out with a hat..."I lost my hat! Haha!"There it is--on the stairs. You lucky dog!

The camping baby buddies (notice the sweet ladies man in the middle):
All 9 families--silly:Serious:
Needless to say we've had a lot of fun!
And we just can't get enough of her!

Well that completes our summer update and we're only 3 weeks into it...can we say CRAZY!


Woodside's said...

It looks like you have had a fun and busy summer so far. I hope that we can make some time to come visit. Call me soon if you have time.

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