Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Leaving A Piece of Our Legacy

This is the Coppell, Texas Family Home Evening Group that we were so lucky to be apart of from 2006-2008. When we started there were 2 additional couples than the 1st picture below, but it slowly dwindled down to the 3 couples (The Goodman's, Us and The Woodside's). We became such a close knit family that I know will last forever and I am so grateful for these wonderful people that have truly blessed our lives.

In recent times we have added 2 more couples (The Shaffer's and The Thatcher's). These are some amazing people as well and I know that they will pass on the traditions of our "forefathers". Hopefully this FHE Group will continue to be in place for those that will follow us that they might also have a family to turn to when theirs is so far away.

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Woodside's said...

I am so glad that FHE is continuing. Anyone who joins will be blessed. I miss my Texas family! You and the Goodmans hold a special place in my heart!