Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great day. Wes and Adam made me breakfast and then after church they made the dessert for our family home evening group (the picture at top shows the dessert--if you click on the pics you can see the chocolate on their lips from sampling! :) Love it!) Adam also spoiled me by changing all of Wes' stinky diapers and doing all the dishes! It was a nice day! I hope all of my friends and family out there had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!


Jordan & Tiffany Webber said...

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for having us over for dinner and FHE! It was fun! We'll have to have you guys over now so cutie boy Wes can play with all our animals!! :)

happymoma said...

How cute! Happy Mother's day. :)