Sunday, May 11, 2008

Toddler Bed!

Here is Wesley's new sleeping arrangements. We took his mattress and just set it on the floor with the bumpers around it. Originally the whole left side was open, but he kept falling off the bed and waking up at 2 a.m. So I added the boxes and blankets and he's slept better at night. I'd say it's working out pretty well, but the only problem we're having is with this new freedom Wesley feels like he can decide when it's time to get up--which is usually around 6 a.m.! That's still too early for me, so we're working on it. Just continue to wish us luck, especially after we move and he has even more changes to deal with. Cause Momma needs her sleep!!

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happymoma said...

Good idea. And good luck with the transition. Lincoln didn't sleep in a toddler bed (one side of the crib just came off) until right after Jackson was born and we realized I wasn't supposed to lift him out of his crib. He fell out for the first few days and would knock on the door to have Brandon come tuck him back into bed.

Most of his toys are in his closet and I put child-proof things on the door knobs to his closet and his bedroom door so it has gone really well for us. Good luck!