Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally...A Post About the Office

We decided on a logo. Thanks so much for all of your votes. It was a blast to see so many take time to vote. Here are the results...

This is the back of the business card! I love it, so I had to share it with all!!

This was the best shot I got of the banner I created. In love with that, too!

The View from the Street. If you click on the picture you'll see our name on the board! So exciting!

The Boardwalk--as we so lovingly call it

The waiting area--my personal favorite

The awesome reception desk we found on Craigslist!

The rest are kind of self-explanatory and interest Adam more than myself! :)

Last but not least...Our Bowen Therapist's Area. Adam met Peter from a BNI group. He's a fantastic addition to Adam's office.

We hope you enjoyed this little tour! Things have been finally picking up and we are getting really excited. His office is great and we keep adding a few additions here and there. We've had quite a few moms lately, so we bought a new kids table from Ikea to help keep the kids busy. It's Wesley's favorite part now.


Bethany said...

It looks GREAT, you guys! Seriously, I am so interested in how your business goes-keep us "posted"! :)

Woodside's said...

Adam's office looks amazing! Justin and I both just got the tour. We both are so excited for you guys and we know that Adam will have much success! We love you guys!

Lance and Vanessa Krogh said...

Looks will do awesome!!!

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks great!

Jeff said...

That's exciting and it looks great! I'll have to take a tour next time I am in Sacramento!

Henderson Family said...

Wow! The office looks great! We are so excited for you guys!