Thursday, April 22, 2010

I < 3 Target

I seriously love Target. I was one of the lucky ones that snatched the $5 off any Merona hand bag (no exclusions) and then headed to the clearance section and found the cutest bag for free--did you hear that FREE!!
I'm sorry to gloat since the coupon is no longer available, but I am just too excited not to share!


Bethany said...

This is UH-DORABLE, and WAY TO GO for snagging that one. I saw the coupon when it was up, but I thought I wouldn't make it out to Target before all the couponers in Boise snatched up all the cute bags (seriously, couponing here is CRAZY competitive!) About 2 hours later, I realized that I DID have to go to Target THAT VERY DAY, so I raced back to print and what? Gone.

But I'm so glad that you could snag a cute, sweet tangy FREE BAG! :)

I love couponing.

Woodside's said...

I love that bag! I am not sure if you know this about me but I seriously have a bag fetish! I totally was telling my mom just the other day that I need to find a cute orange bag so that I will have almost every color of the rainbow. Sad I know but when i go to Ross there is always one there for a great deal but by far you got a steal! That would make a very fun diaper bag.

Garet and Amanda said...

That is a cute bag Hillary. I love that it is orange...and of course FREE!! How did you find out about it being free. Thats so much fun!!! Love it

Crystal Dever said...

You're so awesome! LOVE the bag!!